Photography Dreams

“That’s a really bad photo.”

The words of truth are spoken to me by my husband, myself, even my children. I don’t have a knack for photography, not a nack, or a nak. Sometimes I luck out and get something halfway decent. When this happens, it’s usually a huge building in Europe that looms large in the scope of the camera lens so I don’t have to balance the field. And actually, what I said right there, I have no idea what I’m talking about. I just took the words my husband uses in his unsolicited Free Photography Lessons to Wife class.

I would love to take better photos, especially because I have some blogging goals that involve travel. Travel requires photos, right? I usually leave it to Kind Hubby to take the travel photos but it is time to break away from my reliance on him. I am traveling to Iceland next week with a friend and I will be responsible for taking my own (gasp) photos.

What to do? What to do?

When I unfolded my laptop this morning I saw some interesting little words from WordPress in my mailbox: Blogging U’s Photo 101 Course. I went to the link and saw this:

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 9.46.23 AM

(Angels singing.)

The answer to my dream. Yes, actually, it was a dream. I had a dream three nights ago that I was a paid photographer taking candid photos of nuns playing baseball. They were laughing and having fun while I was hiding behind a bush capturing the Truth About Nuns.

So I entered my name right away in the little boxes and WordPress is going to give me FREE tips on how to take better photos! I can’t wait. And though I don’t plan on posting a photo a day, I do plan on reading and practicing with my phone’s camera. In Iceland. Behind a bush. While nuns play baseball.

You never know. Dreams can come true.

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  1. I took a photography class, and the number 1 thing I learned was, “you can’t learn how to take photographs without picking up your camera. It’s also helpful to look at photos and decide what you like about them. I also signed up for this course, always learning! 🙂

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