Hey you! Thanks!

Writing 101 is over! This effort contained several firsts for me:

  • Fictional writing
  • Posting five times a week (This was very difficult. Sorry to bombard your inbox)
  • Poetry

Not to mention unloading some of the heavier stuff that was weighing me down.

So for those of you who are still hanging around:  Thank you for not leaving!

To all the new followers: Nice to meet you! Welcome aboard.

(Inject a thumbs up icon.)

Experimenting with writing through this process has been such a positive experience! The support I received from other bloggers was amazing and they actually complimented my writing (!).

I have a burning desire to write a book in the future, however, as a new writer (I started in October last year) I’m still unsure what style works for me. It will most likely be nonfiction on an undisclosed subject. For any authors out there, I’ll gladly take your advice. For everyone else, let me know what you like: humor? deep stuff? humor and deep stuff? travel? parenting? All of the above? None of it?

I will be celebrating the end of Writing 101 by going camping with friends and family. See you later. And once again, thank you.





2 thoughts on “Hey you! Thanks!

  1. Congratulations! I’m happy I found your blog during Blogging University. I too have gained a lot from this month – even though I did not finish every assignment. As for your book – I’m a sucker for true stories of redemption and survival – the darker the better! People can relate to real life if told honestly. Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much for your support throughout this process. I agree with your stance on books, I will take that to heart.

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