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Hello friends and allies!

Words are the lens from which I view life. They hold power over thought patterns, ideologies, and belief systems. Words create a magnetic charge between ourselves and others, and here I will share the work of very smart people who have delved into the topic of trauma. An aftermath, trauma has many avenues for discussion, and my website is intended to be a safe space for anyone who wants to participate as an advocate to a trauma-informed society. We are all here to learn about the impact of life experiences on the human brain and to the human heart. My purpose here is to inspire the potential of anyone with or in relationship to those with PTSD, and get us Past The Shitty Dialogue.

Sometimes life experiences exceed or overwhelm our ability to cope. Trauma is complex, but many people fall prey to using the buzz word of recent history. When we understand the physiological disconnect that happens in the brain, we can more readily empathize the behavior that indicates past trauma as a serious and grave social issue.

Every blog post will discuss a personal musing of trauma. Don’t fear, this blog is for everybody, but it does contain swear words. As I build resources here on the site, I hope you’ll invite friends and family members who will benefit from a snug little corner of the world where emotional safety is paramount. Survival is hard, and wherever any of you are on the journey, I am grateful you are alive.


Every month, I will share a current book I’m reading. Usually, it will be a memoir.


You’ll receive updates on my writing journey: publications, struggles, conferences, etc.


I’ll provide one or two relevant links to news articles about trauma.


And a photo taken by moi.


Please feel free to leave comments and questions. Thank you for joining me here.

Love, Barbie

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