Words: Coffee Talk*

If we were having a cup of coffee right now I would tell you my husband is cooking Chicken Parmesan for dinner tonight. I’d say I love it when he cooks because I’m not much into cooking and it sometimes turns me stale.

If we were having coffee right now I would tell you how my book is progressing. I’d say I had a major meltdown at 3 a.m. one night and tore apart the book Writing and Selling Your Memoir because I hated that it made me feel incapable of the task. I’d share the following snippet of writing I have since come up with.

Mom told me the first time she laid eyes on Dad, he was the most macho guy she had ever seen. He dazzled her with his black hair and green eyes. And that mustache! She knew at once he would be the man she would marry. When I asked how she could be so certain, she said, “I just knew.”

Mom and Dad were married in a friend’s living room in January, 1970. Mom wore a short gray dress with long sleeves. Their wedding photo revealed a terrifying, joyous occasion. Mom’s broad smile and stylish cropped hair, so typical of brides, clashed with Daddy’s restricted grin. A clock on the mantel behind them evoked a curious omen. Doomed or eternal? Mom and Dad’s marriage was both. They wore the prospects on their fingers-Mom with a gold band, Daddy with none.

Six months later, my big sister was born.

If we were having coffee right now, I would look in your eyes, hopeful I can write this book.

Drum Coffee is great.

If we were having coffee, I would ask how your world is going.

*Response to Day Eleven of Everyday Inspiration




4 thoughts on “Words: Coffee Talk*

  1. Write the book. Don’t worry about where it takes you. I’m finding it’s in the writing that we grow and if the book is the outcome then so much for the better. I’ll confess – I missed a couple of days of the 20 minutes so I have some catching up to do.

  2. I’m the rebel having tea. I’m in the book quest as well but I’m hoping for short stories and a small publisher of self publish through Amazon. The book should be written as best you can. If not just for your own peace of mind, fur the chance to say you finished it.

  3. I think you should totally write this book. Write it, just do it, just for yourself, maybe as a little challenge. And then work on it, take it further. And one day it might be out there, published and read by so many…

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