Creative Writing: Barrettes

Today, the inspiration to write about barrettes came to mind. I’ve been exploring creative non-fiction, a beautiful genre of artistry and words. Here’s a little canvas about belligerent plastic hair clips. Enjoy!


Barrettes. Little plastic devils. Strawberry flowers. Blue dogs. Bows of lemon meringue. 

A clip. Tufts of hair, wispy and soft, secured. Restlessness.

A nap.

A terrier, slipped down the locks. The scalp, a teepee of awareness.

A hand, tender and soft, pulls silken threads. Tears.

A mother’s hand, slender and strong, opens the clasp, bends a white fold in the plastic. 

A hug. Tears left to fall. Rosy cheeks. Swollen eyes. Barrettes.