Ocean Strong

“I am strong,” I said in my bare feet. I didn’t yell like I had something to prove to the world, but more as a matter of fact. The passers-by didn’t even hear me, but I heard myself and that’s all that mattered.

“I am worth it,” I said. My feet were washed of pain in the salty power of the Pacific Ocean. The waves crashed like the torments in our lives, but I let her carry them away to a far-off destination. And I took the strength from the mountains of water to heart, a gift that God and Earth provide in the skies, landscapes, and seas that have the capacity to empower our feeble minds. But only if you let them.

A story of a wise Rabbi explains that life’s problems are like waves. Some are gentle, posing no threat, and others are monstrous and can sweep you away, tumble you, and spit you out in any location. You decide for yourself how to confront the waves in your lives. You can approach them with caution, try to out jump them, let them dictate you, or you can confront them head on and dive straight into the wall that is blocking your path in life-letting the wave roll right over you.

The choice is yours. The power is yours. But only if you claim it.

7 thoughts on “Ocean Strong

  1. The ocean is my “cleansing place.” It renews and refreshes my spirit. I am able to look at life with a deep knowing that the Universe is cradling me. All is well. ❤

    1. Absolutely. Unfortunately I live hundreds of miles from the ocean, but the mountains are my everyday serenity. Thanks for reading.

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