I Do Stars

“I love you. Have fun.” I ended the conversation with my husband while sitting on the couch in my pajamas, envious, but happy for him. He called from Austin, Texas. Neither of us had ever visited the Lone Star state. Why would we want to visit Texas if they only have one star? We live in Big Sky country where the stars are so thick you can scoop them with a spoon and eat them.

A star? A star. A star! So many meanings to the words, a star. A nighttime object, a perfect grade on a school paper, a celebrity. Which star is Texas boasting? Do we get to choose?

While I’m at home ignoring bathing rituals, my husband is on a mission, a mission to live life to the fullest. This mantra, though not included in our wedding vows, is what makes our marriage so strong, malleable, in a way. He’s partaking in the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Huh? You’re home while he’s there? You’re crazy!

Well, yes, I wish I could be with him, but the kids kind of need a grown-up to guide them through their days. So, while he’s there, I’m here. And when I’m in Iceland, going to Iceland Airwaves, he’ll be doing what I do, though not nearly as well.

It was his idea. Tit for tat. He goes to Austin, I go to Iceland. Fair enough, right? I’ll take it. I’ll grab that lone star and run as fast as I can. That’s how we roll, rock and roll, actually.

Music has always been a priority in our lives, minus the baby years when a show was as foreign as a single star in the Montana sky. We’re ignited through music. It fills our lives, connects us to the world, and while it sometimes brings distance to our days, at the same time, it brings us together. We love to see each other happy.

The benefits of traveling great distances for music, though sometimes difficult and costly, is always worthwhile. We experience the world, we connect with strangers, we participate in life in a way we never could if we stayed home in our pajamas. We meet stars. We are the star. We are united. Isn’t that what life (and marriage) is all about?

Jack White
Amsterdam, 2012



11 thoughts on “I Do Stars

  1. Yes, this is what life and marriage are about. Lucky you! I will now follow your post, hope you’ll stop by too and maybe follow mine back. 🙂

  2. Barbie, I just loved this story. You are so smart and so blessed. You seem to really understand what stars, and being a star, are all about. ❤

    1. Thank you. I am definitely blessed. Smart? Let’s just say smart people still do dumb things. That’s what I tell my kids. I’m one of them. 🙂

  3. This blog entry brought back all my concert memories from every concert I have ever been to since 2007. Attending a concert of a band is the best feeling ever. I love it! I am happy that you set out to live life and have fun. It was a pleasure reading this entry because I learned there is a music festival Texas. I have not had the pleasure of going to another state or country to see a band but it certainly is on my list of goals. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So glad to have found you, Barbie. What a lovely piece. I’ve been enjoying looking around the blog. Great photos, great words. Looking forward to following you and finding out more about your misfit life!

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