Thank You Ladies

Why Hello Gorgeous. Don’t you look stunning in your glittery dress?

Me? Oh, I’m not dressed up. Don’t do that much anymore. Say what?

My hair? Oh, I don’t do that much anymore either. I just twist it in a bun and call it done. (Good one, huh?)

Well, who has time for beauty? Not me. I’ve been writing, and feeding my family, and trying to read my book written from the perspective of a dog before book club next week.  I also made chili for dinner tonight with jalapeños in it and it was way too spicy for everyone, so everyone was coughing and choking and sweating from their head and I felt really bad.

I just need a break, OK?

No, no. I haven’t finished my Blog Awards yet.

Yes, I know I have to do that still. Yes, I will. OK.

OK friends, the lady in the glittery dress is making me finish the Blog Awards because she’s tired of sucking in her stomach. Here you go. I’ll make it quick.

I”d like to thank Julie at lepetitpasdejuls for nominating me for this:onelovelyblog

Her blog is really awesome, in three languages, and she travels everywhere! Read her here: lepetitpasdejuls Perhaps she’ll visit me in Montana someday. What do you say, Julie?

And days before that Jenny from readsbyredriverbanks nominated me for this:images-leibster-1

And she is a great lady with a great blog full of beautiful photos and beautiful thoughts. Thank you Jenny! Read her here: readsbyredriverbanks

I feel honored to receive both awards from these glamorous women while I’m in my rubber gloves cleaning gunk off the floor. Because I’m on my hands and knees, I’ll just toss you some blogs from other awesome women and hope that you’ll forgive me for ignoring the blog award protocol. Thank you everyone for your awesome support of my weirdness, writing, and whatever else you keep hanging around for. I appreciate you and you are beautiful.

Come on people. Let’s give these ladies a hand! 
ClappingGive A Hand images-2

10 thoughts on “Thank You Ladies

  1. you’re just a star in a glittery dress and it’s always so charming reading you! thanks for the invitation back to Montana! as it is my second home anyway, I hope to be back again soon and will definitely come and drop by! are you far from Missoula, I don’t remember?!?

    Have a great day and thanks for all the amazing blogs you’ve introduced us to!


    1. Ha! Thank you so much. I live smack dab in the center of Missoula, close to downtown and Mt. Sentinel. You are always welcome at my house-invitation is open-enter at your own risk 😉

      Thank you for being an avid reader and supporter of my world.

      1. Missoula is one of my favorite places in the world and specially in Montana! you might have realized that I lived there when I was 17 as a foreign exchange student! I went back many times to visit my host family and was last seen there last October! Had I known you then, I would have come!

        and definitely will next time I’m in town! (I like risks!)

        Thank you for sharing!

  2. Ahhh, thanks very much. Although I wish I was a glamorous woman, I am sadly probably equally well stocked in rubber gloves…although here’s hoping that our inner goddess shines for both of us as we scrub the floor…with or without the spangly dress! I forgive you your award protocol transgressions ;o). Off I go to explore the blogs you’ve recommended that I don’t already know and love… :o)

  3. Thankyou for this prestigious award!! I’ll definitely be looking at the other blogs on this list for inspiration, as well as yours. Do you know where the Blog Awards originated from?

    1. I think you can Google the awards and find more information about them. Although I didn’t follow protocol, I do love your blog so if you accept, would you be so kind to choose the requisite eleven blogs to pass it onto? Thank you so much and best of luck to you and your blog!

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