Ten ME-ish Things

Hi lovelies!

The beauty of blogging is that I can write whatever my little heart desires. For no uncertain reason I felt inspired to share ten things about myself. Maybe you’ll learn something new that’ll make you laugh, maybe you’ll dislike me even more, in which case I’d question why you are reading this. Perhaps you’re a masochist? Enough about you. Here I am:

This is me in my favorite camo cardigan.
This is me in my favorite camo cardigan.
  1. I was the middle child of three daughters. Actually I still am, but we’re grown up now. The important thing to remember about middle children is we are fighters and mediators which pretty much means we are completely conflicted. Middle children aren’t the ones leading the way and they aren’t the cute ones making everyone laugh, but we have to make ourselves visible somehow. Fighting for what I need and keeping the peace are my unsolicited duties in life; I am essentially the definition of conflict.
  2. I eat everything except Ranch dressing. The two three meals I’ve ever disliked: lentil fajitas (made by yours truly, confirmed as disgusting by my husband), liver and onions (made by everyone’s mom), rognons d’agneau (lamb kidneys, made in France). (I see a pattern with the animal organs. Guess I’ll avoid those.)
  3. I hate scary movies.
  4. I’m a good driver but I caused an accident when I was 17 years young. My car was sandwiched between another car and a logging truck in an effort to pass the “another car”. All three cars driving the same direction down a two-lane highway like a band of brothers. Logging truck:1- My car: 0.  I wasn’t hurt but my car was totalled.
  5. I became a college graduate, a wife, and a boss in a one month period of time at the sassy age of 24. (Story coming later. Maybe.)
  6. I remember my childhood phone number which was also a party-line with the school bus driver.
  7. I hate crafts. God gave me daughters to test my patience or He needed a good laugh. Either way, I hate them (crafts, not my daughters).
  8. I’m stronger than I look. I can pick up my dog who weighs 80 lbs.
  9. I like people. At the age of 42 I’ve only met three four people I truly dislike. Despite the fact that I dislike these 4 people, I’ve found redeeming characteristics in each of them so I can’t say that I hate them. But I am extremely annoyed and peeved by their unlikable characteristics.
  10. I can’t sing well. If I could choose a talent, it would be to sing. I want a voice with soul because soulful voices move me to tears and give me goose bumps. I want the ability to do that.

That’s it for today. I hope you know me a little better. Have a great weekend everyone!

Love, B

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