Hey There Mr. Sheriff

While at the lake with my daughters a sheriff appeared. He spoke niceties and left, leaving me befuddled. Why was he there? Who was he looking for? The curiosity kills me, so why not write a rhyme?

P.S. I use the pronoun “he” with the understanding that “he” can also be a “she”.

Hey There Mr. Sheriff

Hey there Mr. Sheriff who’re you lookin’ for

With the gun on your hip, a tight upper lip

Did your hopes fall to the floor


When you walked up to me did you hope to see

a man on the lam or three

What did he do

before the pursuit

Does he have a big gun

Is he on the run

from you or his family


Is he a slayer or a really bad player

Did he deal a crime or two

Does he steal a car and make it real far

Cross a line or few

Steal a few bucks

Shoot a few ducks

Swindle a man like you


Tell me Mr. Sheriff I’m an eager sort of lass

Was he a drunkard

A blood-lipped punchard

A crude, a prude, an ass


Does he tell a lie

A sneaky smooth guy

Have a face or two

Can he smell a chase

Win the race

Against a guy like you