6 thoughts on “I don’t like her.

  1. I’m the baby in the family so I’m sure my brothers all had similar photos at one time or another. Haha. Nice slice of life photo.

    1. Thank you! I always wanted a brother. Nope, I’m from an all girl family. The middle of three girls and now with two daughters.

  2. very kewl,,,yeah having raised a few me self also, well good for her to learn bout being jelous etc etc and learn not to be selfish and learn how to be giving also, since used to getting all ur attention is like wowza mom, very kewl an yep every pic tellz a story this one sure did, and don;t knock uself beautiful woman 🙂 congrats there also.such a chore ahead of u but is fun, glad i am RE tired LoL . Q

    1. Ha! Thank you kind sir. This photo was actually taken 11 years ago. Big sister overcame her jealousy and has proved to be a guiding star to her little sister. This photo captures so much in family relationships: need, pride, anger, love, giving, wanting, etc. Hard times, but so worth everything.

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