What’s My Story?

My creative writing work-in-progress is a memoir that tells my story of denial. Growing up, I thought the empty feeling inside me was middle child syndrome. As an adult, the nagging sense that something wasn’t right in my life forced me to inquire my past with an honest confession of reality. Married, and with two daughters who looked to me for moral identity, I wrote my stories and discovered the pattern of emotional abuse from my birth family spanned over four decades.

Writing my truth opened the wounds of a scarred past. Trauma and PTSD are afflictions to which I am indebted with gratitude, for these are evidences that the words we speak matter. Every truth, every emotion, constitutes a part of us. I extend open arms to anyone who has undergone the pain of having their reality torn away by words that belittle or insult in an effort to deny your perspective and worth. We are the strong ones.

I’m currently seeking representation for this book-length memoir.

My work has been published in Bright Bones, Contemporary Montana Writing, Open Country Press, 2018.