Hello Sunshine

Hi friends,

Just a quick note because I’ve been somewhat absent. (Though I am present somewhere in this world.) I hope this post finds you happy, healthy, and living your dreams.

Some cool things going on with me:

  • My book (memoir) is progressing-slowly. I am still working on the beginning, but I have finally found a voice/style that is conducive to my creative longings. It will definitely be an unconventional memoir. I love it!
  •  I went to France in October by myself for a restorative adventure. I am writing an essay on my experience for Missoula public library’s writing contest. I will share it with you later…stay tuned.
  • I’ve been reading memoirs and writing books galore, aaand neglecting bookclub books. (One of my favorite memoirs to date: Another Bullshit Night in Suck City by Nick Flynn)
  • My family took a California vacation to make sure sunshine still exists. It does!

Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments. Any good reading lately?

Crystal Cove State Park, California

Photo: D’Ornate

Theme: Ornate  (D’Or means “of gold” in French.)

St. Stephan’s Cathedral-Vienna, Austria

Photo: Thank You Girls

Photo Challenge: Treat

My daughters’ smiles are always the best treat.


Photo: I Grid You a Merry Christmas

This week’s photo challenge: Grid

Trolls have booted Santa And Mrs. Claus from Iceland. Now they rest behind bars.Trolls

Photo: Empty Playground

This week’s challenge: Creepy

Empty swings are haunting. Life is choked from this playground as smoke from nearby wildfires adds to the sense of Armageddon.