Who Am I?

cropped-46630_427064291133_991075_n1.jpgI live in beautiful Missoula, Montana where the sky is big and the souls are huge. I am surrounded by a community of honest and caring people, a multitude of friends, and a treasure trove of athletes and intellectuals, of which, I am neither. Despite this fact, my husband and our two daughters are my biggest fans. In reverse order, I am theirs.

Oui, oui, chérie. I’m a crazy francophile. Traveling to France at the age of 20 sparked a love of discovery and independence. Luckily, my family shares this fascination. As a pack of adventurous hooligans, we’ve witnessed the beauty of France, Italy, Amsterdam, Canada, and Mexico as part of our pseudo-nomadic life. We love every oddball minute of it.

I prefer the wind blown look.

When I’m not on the other side of our lovely planet or in my little blog world, I can be found working on a coming-of-age memoir—the sincere disclosure of a middle child’s love, pain, and trauma of emotional abuse and neglect.

Look for me in the forthcoming book: Bright Bones, Contemporary Montana Writing, Open Country Press, 2018

Thanks for visiting my blog. You are a gift.

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