About Barbie Beaton

WORDS ILLUMINATE OUR LIVES. Language inspires how we think, feel, and express ourselves. Through writing my truest stories, I unearth life’s conflictual beauty and perhaps reveal an errant truth. Words are vessels of identity—I write to give thought a place to land.

I’m a francophile, word fanatic, and dog lover. My obsession with creative nonfiction began with my first writing class. Writing the truth was a permission never previously granted to me, and breaking the orthodoxy of a patriarchal society that wants to silence women was a liberty to pursue and practice as a means of healing.

I love travel, food, Belgian beer, wine, books, hiking, sweaters, and spending time with friends. I was awarded the 2018 Honorary Montana Fellowship at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA). I live in Missoula, MT with my husband and our two daughters.

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