Au Dieu Chaussures

Dear Shoes,

Be with God. May the feet who find you walk with love.


As I promised, I am purging my closet 50%. Today, it’s shoes! (Except my snow boots and rain boots. They’re kind of sort of absolutely positively mandatory where I live.)

Total Count= 44  Which looks like this:



Divide by 2  =  22 Which looks like this:IMG_3816


What I noticed:

  • Several shoes were purchased for a wedding and worn only once or twice. Boo.
  • I love boots! (I already knew that.) I had six, kept five.
  • When it comes to shoes, I pick favorites. The others are brown-nosers trying to get my attention.

So there. Be gone shoes. Lighten my life. I no longer need the clunky soleness of your soullessness.



3 thoughts on “Au Dieu Chaussures

  1. Anonymous says:

    Impressive Barbie! I am a clothes lover and a purger, two characteristics that don’t usually go well together but ultimately it has allowed me to enjoy clothes but move on when something hasn’t worked or it’s old and tired looking. Thankfully there are a ton of consignment shops here so that has been a great way to pare down. I aspire to be more French- fewer but wonderful quality!


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