The 50% Challenge

The 50% Challenge
I had an enlightening idea after a nap (apparently sleep helps elicit ideas): I am feeling absolutely weighted down with the clothes in my closet (and attic, drawers, floor…you get the idea) and would like to simplify. Because summer is a season when less is more, I would like to eliminate 50% of my wardrobe as a challenge, and I want you to join me in support. You may choose to eliminate less than 50%-it’s up to you. Whichever amount you choose, say 30%, means 30% of all your shirts, pants, shoes, and sweaters and anything else you want to unload. The clothing must be donated, handed down, or thrown out.

I’d like to document this challenge on my blog, B’s Words, to inspire people to simplify their lives. Starts July 1st, ends July 31st. Your stories are needed, so please share this with friends and reply to this post with #50%challenge if you’d like to join me. Thank you so much you lighthearted souls!

Barbie Beaton, Optimistic Misfit


Too much stuff!


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