Posts with this symbol are an experiment. Read with love.

Posts with this symbol are an experiment. Read with love.

20 Minute Free Flow Writing

So I have a difficult time writing without a prompt. Or a topic, theme, subject, whatever. I decided to choose the word vessel to extrapolate just because it’s a weird word.

I like the word vessel. It sounds kind of fancy, like you have an education. Its meaning being a container, which isn’t as pretty a word.

The word vessel to me conjures up images of glassware in various shapes and sizes. Like a chemistry lab with test tube stands strewn about. (Let’s hope they actually don’t strew (is that a word?) about test tubes. Like “OMG, they organize this lab like it’s a house full of children with a mom gone mad”. Cupboard doors hanging on hinges, sink full of disgusting, garbage can over-flowing, spaghetti noodles smeared, and handprints all over the fridge.

Basically, if you compare a chemistry lab (the way they should be) to a house full of real life, the lab is pretty much a serene, tranquil escape. But I wouldn’t know, I’ve only been in a chemistry lab for class eons ago.

I took Chemistry for the Consumer in college. We made ordinary household products like toothpaste, soap, lotion that smelled terrible. The professor was rumored to have had his butt shot off in the war. Which war? I don’t know. But he did have ample room in the seat of his pants, and his front side was about the size of my stomach when I was seven months pregnant.

Anyway, I don’t even remember his name. He probably never learned mine. The chem class for dummies was always full of idiots who should never be in a chem lab. I was there with my dorm neighbor, Becky. She was smart at math. I also took Human Sexuality with her which was a weird experience. Talking openly about sex with someone who was not a super close friend. And the fact that I didn’t yet have a boyfriend…

So college days were weird. And fun. I wouldn’t want to repeat them, but I enjoy looking back on them every now and then. The weird professors, or lazy, or really great, were pretty amusing. They are an eccentric group of people, as a whole.

One time, our Spanish professor cut class early because of a sexist comment made by a non-trad man. But it was in Spanish, so I didn’t quite catch what he said.

*Time is up.



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