A Way with Words or Away with Words?

Today they are revealed! The new words in the repertoire of English lexicon appear in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. I love words, and in their honor (and to fulfill my blog title) I’ve created a new category for my bloggish banter. Just for fun, I’ve colored the different terminology involved with diction in red.

Words are the primary means of expressing ourselves. Our locution can say a lot about us: where we live, our education, our interests or expertise, our age group, and of course, our personalities. How we choose to express our thoughts, feelings, ideas, and knowledge are confined to the supply of terms in our vernacular.

So why not improve our vocabulary (or slang) today? Here are some examples of the new words I’m super excited to use:

  • Slupid adj. Slow and stupid.  Yes, road rage material!
  • Glamma n. A grandma who has glamorous style.  Lookin’ good glamma.
  • Crafternoon n. An afternoon gathering for crafting. Gag!
  • Disasterpiece n. A magnificent and perfectly orchestrated disaster.  My crafternoon.
  • Voluntell v. To offer someone else as a volunteer.  Prime material for marital disputes. 

And, last but not least, I’m leaving you with a shelfie, a photo of a shelf, in case you didn’t know. Have fun looking up new Scrabble possibilities and let me know which words you like and which you don’t.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary





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