Paris is the Queen Bee Tourist Destination Series

Unknown Truths of the Métro

In my post Paris is the Queen Bee Tourist Destination I listed the big bangs that make Paris voted “Most Popular”. Just like the popular girl, Paris hides her more unsightly characteristics out of sight. As if in denial about possessing ugly attributes, the Paris métro exemplifies the less-than-beautiful hidden mostly below the city-scape. If functionality were to be judged, however, the City of Lights’ subway system would win hands down. Tourists should be aware of the wayward profiteers and protocols of the city’s most conventional mode of transportation.

Unknown Truths of the Métro

  • Hold onto your Métro pass. You may need it to exit the station, especially large transfer stations like Les Halles. If you don’t have a ticket to exit, no one gives a damn, and you’re left standing there like the guy the popular girl just dumped for another man.
  • Turnstile jumpers exist. They’re generally harmless to travelers but will use you to make an easy pass.
  • Why is everyone frowning and sullen on the Métro? Well, dear friends, c’est la vie de Paris. Eye contact, with or without a smile, suggests you’re interested in that person. Be careful.
  • Sardine can subways happen during rush hours in the late afternoon/early evening. Hold onto your properties and watch your ass, literally. Pick-pockets and pervs LOVE tourists in the Paris Métro during rush hour.
  • Also, sit down only when there is room. Etiquette always rules in France: offer your seat to the elderly or pregnant, especially to the elderly who is pregnant.


Original Métro Entrance by Hector Guimard

Ignorance may leave you stung by the Queen Bee’s vices. Following these guidelines will protect you from embarrassing yourself and allow you to explore the “Most Popular” with ease. For instructions on how to use the Métro, see Paris Métro Instructions



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