Paris is the Queen Bee Tourist Destination Series

Paris is the Queen Bee Tourist Destination

If Paris were a teenager it would be voted “Most Popular”. The City of Lights remains the world’s largest travel destination despite language barriers among the less popular who visit. Given the stereotype of stuffy waiters and frowning Métro patrons, what makes Paris the Queen Bee of the travel world? Let’s take a look:

Eiffel Tower– It’s a jaw-dropping 1,063 feet of iron lattice work, designed by Gustave Eiffel (pronounced I fell, and you won’t want to fall off of this thing) for the 1889 World’s Fair. (That’s the same year Montana became a state.) You can take stairs to the second level or an elevator to the top. When the wind is blowing, you can feel the top move!

Louvre Museum– Paris boasts some of the world’s most famous artwork in a former palace. How can you not give a Mona Lisa smile to that? See the infamous Leonardo da Vinci and other paintings, sculptures, and artifacts that make even the least likely to succeed feel cultured.

Notre Dame-A cathedral with a story. Walking through this iconic church is a mystical and spiritual journey. Shadows loom while monks swoon. A vision of Quasimodo plays games with your imagination. Or is it real?

Champs-Élysées-Two Parisian landmarks, the Arc de Triomphe and the Place de Concorde, bookend this famous shopping district. Beautiful but annoying people can be seen on the wide sidewalks that captivate dreamers and doers alike.

Sacré Coeur– The basilique of Montmartre shines in the Paris skyline like baby oil on my suntan. The interior mosaics inspire creativity, while outside a bustling scene of stair-sitters and musicians meld to make this a must-do event.

Of course, these icons represent the big bangs of the popular girl’s hairdo. There’s also her style, attitude, and a whole lot of cute to attract you to her vices. Once stung, it’s hard to not go back and that is why Paris is the Queen Bee tourist destination.

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