Spring Birds

Hello Spring Birds,

Spring Break is over, but really it’s just begun. Spring is an invigorating time of year so why not list my top five reasons why Spring sends me singing to the sky.

1. The birds chirp love songs in the leafless trees.
-This motivates be to just be outside listening to their joyful sound. A prisoner once stated this was the sound that he longed to hear. I’m reminded of my freedom and liberty- to choose to not become a prisoner of monotonous life and thought.

2. The days are longer and warmer.
-I am not a morning person so the long evenings give me an extra charge of energy. I can finally read a book during daylight hours and not fall asleep.

3. Color
-I love the blue sky, the yellow crocus and daffodils, the green buds that will become leaves, and the remaining white of snow on the mountains. It’s like a new box of crayons for my soul.

4. Birthdays
-Both my daughters were spring chicks. Celebrating their lives is a perfect accompaniment to the season. As they grow in beauty, I grow in, well, other ways. I’m glad to have them as a distraction.

5. Calves, lambs, and colts. Oh my!
-I regress to a crayon drawing five year old when I see baby animals in the pastures. I’m sure I drive my family crazy with announcements, “Look at the baby cows. They’re sooooo cuuuuuute.” And in a baby voice, “Awww, little lambies. They have such cuuuuute ears.”

I’m a sucker for Spring. Have a colorful, baby lamb day.

Love, Barbie


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