Glad to be Ill

Hello healthy humans (I’m always a sucker for alliteration),

Unfortunately, upon arrival to the glorious wilderness of Canada (See O Canada) I was not a healthy human and I remained under water until I was able to sleep in my own comfy bed. Luck was not on my side: I didn’t see a reindeer, nor did I escape the forthcoming illness who claimed to be my partner in crime throughout the stakeout. All was not lost however, as I witnessed one of the world’s most beauteous landscapes with the people in my life who supersede that beauty by measures of my adoration for them.

Skiing we will go, and skiing I will do. So I did. And that’s all I could muster to accomplish during the vacation. The next day was spent in bed. The day after that was spent trying not to vomit during the car ride home. I can count on one hand the items of food I ate during those two days.

But seasoned stake outer that I am, I know the robber sneaks in through the most obvious opening. I was accepting of my predicament, and only hoped I wouldn’t complain too much to be the rain cloud on my family and friends. They went out exploring (which, if you know me, is one of my favorite things) and went to soak in the nearby hot springs (complete with a cave!) while I gasped bear-breaths in my comforter cave.

When they returned I was arousing from hibernation. Querying my condition, their adoration for me was apparent with offers of food, juice, oils, potions, tonics, toxins, and tunics. (That’s not exactly what they offered, but remember I like alliteration.) My husband is always at my beck and call and would retrieve anything I needed. My children, always caring, but much more evident about it in the event of illness, demonstrated just how much they have inside their big little hearts. Sophie, climbing into my comforter cave, simply wanted to be with me because she missed me. Aileen, older and wiser, wore disapproval of my predicament on her face.

And this is when I felt glad to be ill; experiencing so much love and so much care for the people I tend to every day of my life, in reverse order. I certainly wouldn’t wish illness upon anyone and my heart goes out to the lonely when they’re sick. This vacation threw me a curveball, but I caught it. I am one lucky reindeer.

Love and wishes of good health to all of you.

What are your thoughts?

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