O Canada

Hi Friends,
It’s Spring Break- the kids are out of school and it’s time to party! We’re loadin’ up the car and heading North. Yep, that’s what I said, North. No, we can’t be conventional and head South like everyone else, we are on a quest for fun in Canada. We’re bringing our downhill skis and meeting some friends in the good witch of the North. The land of hockey and caribou. At least, that’s what I think of because they have signs that look like this:

I hope to see a caribou every time I go to Canada, but thus far my fortune has only provided sightings of the signs. It will be my lucky day when I actually see a reindeer.
I love Canada for many reasons, but mostly I love it because it’s like Europe meets Montana and they have babies. Proof: 1. They have French on all their labeling. 2. They use kilometers.
3. They are totally unpretentious.
Speaking of babies, this year Spring Break will be delivering a sweet little girl TEENAGER! I hope you sensed my sarcasm in that description. Yes, by week’s end I will be a parent to one of these. I am really excited, because now it will be SO EASY to embarrass the kid. (In actuality, I’m really proud of my daughter and she will kick my ass in those skis.)
So, lots to look forward to in the coming week. I’ll eat some poutine for you.
Love, Barbie

What are your thoughts?

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