The Quest for Beauty

Hi Friends,
I’ve recently read two books in which philosophy reigns supreme. I am not, nor would I ever pretend to be, a philosophy pundit. My approach to life, rather, relies in the quest for space in arenas where I am able to find and experience beauty. True, majestic beauty that will, once experienced, create a heart aching void if not partaken in regularly.

As you know, beauty manifests differently in each person. My treasures are not your treasures. I’ve been blessed and fortunate enough in my life to have a plethora of opportunities made available to me: family, spirituality/religion, community, the written word, food, friendships, health, art, nature, and many more non-trivialities that extend beyond the scope of what I can cover on this page.

It is my intention to disclose the events of such beauty transformed onto paper, or in this case, screen. With next to no instruction in writing, I rely on faith that people still read and the satisfaction I gain from revealing my life. I hope you all enjoy my stories, my wit, and my appreciation for all things quirky. There’s beauty in sharing it all with you.

Thanks for reading.
Love, Barbie

What are your thoughts?

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